Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yooo Hooo, Where are you?

You probably have been wondering where this blog owner has been. I am her daughter and wanted to let you know.

Sandy now has two new knees (no, not "nieces," -- KNEES -- those bendy things in the middle of your legs!)

Sandy has been walking bone-on-bone for about ten years. Besides the obvious pain, this has been very difficult for such an active, vivacious septuagenarian.

But now, well, NOW, there's no stopping her! She has undergone two separate surgeries with stellar recoveries for each. She's surprising her surgeon, her physical therapist, the nurses, her friends and family with her joyfully gritted determination to get'r done and get home.

The usual holidays celebrations will probably have to be scaled back quite a bit. However, she's planning on dancing non-stop on Valentine's day!

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