Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prview to a Day of Beauty

I am a fun loving gal. If it isn’t fun I just don’t want to do it. I have no animosity in my heart. However my husband seems to me to just go around looking to find something to be unhappy about. It may be that he just doesn’t feel well and cannot seem to find a doctor that is willing to discover why. Maybe he us getting a little toastie around the edges. Burn out from playing nurse maid. :>)

I need to blog today, but I am empty. I have nothing to say to the world. I am recovering very well except for my left hip is so inflamed because of the exercises I have to do to build muscle stamina.

I can’t wait to have enough stamina to clean my house.

There is a fine film of lint that covers everything. It’s on the fan the lamps the walls the curtains, everything. And my Kitchen floor has not been mopped since before I went to the hospital. My daughter says "All I need to do is take off my glasses :>)" I am blessed however that the surgery has been easier than I expected. If the pain meds had not played havoc with my stomach it would have been even easier.
My daughter came down yesterday. We had a day of BEAUTY. We each had our hair done ,me I got a cut. We each got our nails sculpted, and a pedicure. We also went out lunch. I was really over extended. I came home and went to bed but we both felt good about ourselves.

Be Blessed!

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