Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art In Many Ways

Here it is the latter part of May and I am continuing to teach creativity in my senior’s art class.

This week we went into understanding the color wheel. I had been painting for 20 years before I even began to understand the color wheel. We started with the color schemes as in analogues, complementary and so, and then we began to understand how to make a painting pop. When teaching the color wheel, I used the Johannes Itten's color star. I made templates of each color scheme.

Since the painting class has been a ZOO for the last few weeks, what with the annual show and then the reception, I have not scheduled a featured artist for the month of June. So I am taking the spot. I am only going to frame one extra piece. I already have so many ready to show that are under the bed and hanging in the garage.

I want to hang "JAZZ BABY". I was invited to paint something for the Jazz Festival in 2005 and "JAZZ BABY" is what I came up with. I really like it. Tell me what you think, or am I speaking to the wind?
I have been conducting private color lessons on my patio as well. I cannot continue this for long because the weather will soon be too hot. We are in Texas, after all. I am eager to start with my glass fusing. I want to make some jewelry pieces. I like to make the jewelry for fun and then sell it to raise monies for the FOOD BANK.
Be Blessed

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