Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seniors Art Show

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My, What a week!

Last Friday my class brought in their works of art for our annual Art Show and Sale. I am so impressed with their level of talent. We had 24 participating artist,with 61 works. There were works in watercolors, oils, acrylics as oil and acrylic as watercolor, pencil, pastels, mono printing, collage, and photography. I am also impressed in their lever of congeniality towards each other.

I had a superb judge. She has a Master Degree in Art History, and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary education. She has 15 years of teaching background Art History and Art Appreciation. She is a master quilter and a very talented jewelry designer. And she is my daughter, Emanda Johnson.

She was a very tough but fair judge. She would not let me put up the labels for the paintings or say a word, until she was finished with the judging, so she did not know who did any of the works. (Not like I have done in years passed.) We will have a lovely reception and awards ceremony tomorrow, if the past is any indication, with ribbons and certificates and prizes. The prizes were generously donated as we have no money.

Be Blessed, as we are.

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