Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seek-To-Find artist M.S.L. Calvan

I had misplaced an oil painting that my brother-in-love had bought me back in the 1968 I thought I had stored it in the attic. I have looked for it many times but had over looked it. Well I found it this last Monday. Again I climbed the ladder on my new knees. smiles. The painting is from Paris France by M.S.L. Calvan I am trying to find out about him but can only find two web sites that mentions him, but with no particulars about him. This information was on a file card on the back of the painti ng;
(M.s.L. Calvan born in Frankfourt, educated in Rome, and now a resident of Paris, is a part-time actor.In his mid forties, he has had many exhibits on the continent, most recently in Verailles, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Geneva. He was married to a French dancer but has been separated since 1963)
If any of you can help me I would surely be thankful. I truly love the painting. Also I found the photograph by Gene Wright of the Golden Gate Bridge. If anyone can help me find out something about these artists I would be grateful.

While up in the attic I decided to dispose of my hoard of stuff. I took all my matt board back to the senior center and I took all my old frames to Goodwill. My kids are going to love me for getting rid of my junk when I have turned in my paint brushes for my final reward. Smiles. Now what to do with the paintings, which did not sale at my artist of the month art show. I was offering all proceeds for the Food Bank. I was disappointed. I am just too prolific.

Sunday is Father’s Day I was determined ti get my husband something he has wanted for a long time, a park bench for the front poach. We have lived here in this little house for 45 years and have never sat on the front poach. We have pretty front yard. If any of you could have been a birdie on perch you could have had a laugh. I found a bench at Big Lots. I ask the clerk if he would come down on the price, his reply naturally was you would have ask the manger. I said well bring him on. Smiles I of course did not get a lower price but I had a great time haggling with the little assistant manager as the big man was not on duty. Next we had to make sure it would fit in my vehicle. Well not in the trunk but it did fin, just barely in the back seat.. I thought it would be nice to enjoy it when the weather cools off a little. The temperature has been near 100 with the humidly at 50%. That is miserable, so we have been staying in.
Be Blessed We are.

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