Monday, June 28, 2010

Finish What I Began

I have been so distressed about my misplaced or lost or (stolen) smiles paintings. I had looked everywhere, under the bed, even in the attic at 110 degrees. Well I found them on Thursday. I was so excited. You will never guess where I found them. They were hiding in plain sight. They were right where they belonged, in my art supply closet. Only they were facing away and I thought they were just mats that I had stored. When I found them I also found paintings that I had started but never finished. So I have been in a (Finish What You Began Mode) ever since.
This on was ugly until I put in the background. It is called spring Rains. I was demonstrating palette knife in acrylic.

This one has had me stumped for a while but I think displays fun.

This one is one I needed to finish.

This one was a surprise I had forgotten it.

This one I needed to teach the CRUSIFORM

This one I needed in my Teaching Creativity

This one got the MAYORS AWARD

This one got the GRUMBACHER AWARD

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