Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giddy with Happiness

I can tell you that it is summer in North Central Texas. I was having my morning coffee and painting on the patio every day until about last Thursday, now I am having to entertain myself in the house. Well I have cleaned one closet and I have brought my painting inside. We keep the curtains pulled to keep out the heat so it is like the catacombs in here. One thing however I can say it is too hot to go for the walk I am suppose to take each day Yea.
I did a really foolish thing last Saturday. In all the 54 years we have been married; my greatest regret is that we never got our son’s electric train up and running. My husband traveled from Monday to Friday, so he never seemed to have the time. Well last Saturday I was out going to yard sales (One of my favorite things to do) I found a gently used train with all new scenery and everything intact, for $25. Well I wasn’t sure my son would appreciate my buying it for him as he is 49 years of age > I called him to get his approval; he was out of touch so I left a message. I said that I had found a almost new train, N- gage, I ask would he like it? When he answered, he said “I don’t know what my friends would think of my having a train set up”. Smiles. But he gave me permission to buy. Well when I got to the yard sale it was late In the day, and it was really hot, so the guy was willing to come down on the price.. walla I have a dear friend who is a model train buff so I don’t think it is so far out for me to purchase a model train for my grown son. Anyway I was simply giddy with happiness. When my son came to the house late the next day he simply said “gimme it” and then we laughed and laughed. Then he said “Mom now you don’t have to have any regret about my childhood”. Now I find that a relief. Smiles Be Blessed

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