Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 YEA

I had a most interesting New Years Eve. And I cannot tell you how long it has been since my husband and I have been out on New Year’s Eve. I mean “Out in the dark” smiles. We are normally in bed long before the ball drops. However this year our son’s girl friend from St. Petersburg Russia is here for the holidays. They had a little party and invited my husband and to drop by. There was a couple there who were long time friends of Ira’s (pronounced Eee-ra) smiles. They are in the ministry of helping orphans. Ira works for a ministry who teaches Life Skills to children who have aged out of the orphanage. She is sweet as peas. Anyway while at the party Ira and her friend brought out some of the things they plan to use to raise funds to help the orphans. htpp:// I said I would tell you about them. These little boots are darling and they are all handmade. They are felting and ribbon trim.

They have several items that are handmade used to raise funds for the orphans. Another itwm they have are zipper handbags. My son brought me one when he went to Russia to visit Ira. It comes in a gift bag all unzipped I “exclaimed”Oh he has gone to a garage sale and bought me some zippers!” No he said “When you meet Christ your life is a mess”, but as Christ begins to change you (and you are zipping the purse us a s you say this) You become a useful, (and I was going to say “Vessel”) when one of my students said (An Ol’d Bag) smiles
Image of felt purse

I have been experimenting with #8 and #16 gage copper wire this week. The number 8 is beautiful when shaped into a bracelet. I have a lot to learn but I am willing, because I have gone ballistic over copper. My husband is a Master electrician so he just doesn’t get it.> to him it is just wire but to me it is extraordinary. I see beauty where, well he is just a man.> Erin of htpp://Tesori Trovati - Treasures Found Artisan Jewelry says “Find beauty is found everywhere”

I made a pair of earrings for my sister-in-love. I used red glass beads and silver chain to create dangle earrings. I put the red glass bead in a pieced earring and attached the chains to them. I was pleased. I had given her a several strand bugle bead necklace with large dangle earring, because she said she liked them, but when she put them on she was over whelmed.

Be Blessed

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