Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exploring New Ideas

We went to Graham, Texas, as I told you last week. While there my friend took me to some antique shops to help me find marbles as I have lost mine. Smiles. I wanted to work out an idea that I had. I thought I could wire wrap the marbles. I used copper wire to wrap some of the marbles and silver wire to wrap the others. I have been creating copper jewelry and using marbles as my beads. I could not find copper chain so my husband taught me how to make chain. The process is labor intensive but, well when you have to make do or do without, you do as my grandmother taught me, you punt and learn something new. Take a look at the results.

The bead Soup Party hosted by http:// Lori Anderson had its partner reveal this week. I was wondering what I should send. So I got out the dichotic glass and did some glass fussing. I was happy with some of the pieces and a little disappointed with some of the pieces, But, that is how I learn.

Be Blessed


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