Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Copper May Be The New Gold

Hey Hey I have been busy designing copper jewelry this week. I am very pleased with the results. I have been back to the Ace Hardware three times for the #8 copper wire. I am so impressed with it. I also think if we take another look at copper as a purchasing public, copper will become a shining star in the costume jewelry world. What with gold approaching $2.000 per oz., and silver rising to an astounding $30. Per oz. Copper, looks really good to me. I will have to rest from working with #8 gage wire for a while because I am suffering an attack of arthritis in my hand. Heck fire.

Anyway I have also been making Fimo clay. I used my cut crystal for impressions. Well you have to use crystal for something! Right ? Lori Anderson put me to thinking about Lapis. I put gold leaf in the clay to reflect the look of real lapis

I mixed blue and white to marble the turquoise look. I am pleased with the results.

Planning a spring bracelet

This week-end we took a two hour trip to Graham to visit friends. The drive was delightful. The weather was beautiful. Just before the first winter snow and ice storm.

Be Blessed


  1. Ace Hardware is where Cindy Wimmer gets a lot of her copper and turned me on to them, too!

  2. I love copper! I found that if you ask real nice at your corner hardware store (I like Frank's Hardware) they will take you in the back room where they have spools and remnants of copper electrical wire in a whole mess of gauges. You just strip off the plastic casing for wire that is dirt cheap! I love brass wire too but my favorite is galvanized steel. Just clean with a scouring pad and dedicate tools to it (don't use your cutters! Buy a cheap pair of wire snips or a memory wire cutter just for this wire!) I love the color on it.
    Enjoy the day.

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