Monday, February 7, 2011


I have a feeling you all have had the experience of trying at least to talk back to a computer. That is what I have been doing the better part of this week. I was trying to set up a new Etsy Shop just to list my copper jewelry Well they won’t put two accounts on the same email. Well on and on. At last I made in late Monday evening, much too tired to post anything as yet but my new Etsy Shop will be
I have been doing some experiments with my little 60 year old hand-me-down kiln . I just fly by the seat of my pants. First I was trying to expand on something I noticed. Copper does not melt. So I made charms of glass with copper wire designs inside. A success!

Another experiment was slumping glass. I know that porcelain melts at a much higher temperature than glass. I wanted to slump a piece of glass to decorate a bracelet. So I built a base in the bottom of a small porcelain cup and a piece of resist paper and laid the glass on the top and let it slump. A success!

Be Blessed

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