Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daughter Saturday

I had a lovely Saturday! My daughter came down to spend the day with me. She wasn’t in the mood to go very much further on the road. I suggested going into Fort Worth to the Brazos Collections for bead shopping. Turns out she had already spent her inheritance the day before on beads. So we went to http://Michael’s. I haven’t been there in years. But they have a nice bead collection, all be it all from China. Seems like, you just can’t buy anything made in the good old USA anymore. Anyway I found some copper chain, which I had thought I would be unable to find. That pleased me as making chain is a pain in the patootie. Smiles. My daughter made me a beautiful pair of earrings. She used some of my gold filled wire and two from a string of beads that I gifted her with. I love them

I have been working on my Bead Soup piece. My daughter taught me another way to make loops or rings whatever they are called. They are way harder than I have been doing but so much more beautiful and professional looking. She also taught me how to make the rosier bead chain. Awesome. Also she taught me how to make a list of Blogs I follow for my front page. Well it’s not there yet as I have found a ton of new blogs in the Bead Soup adventure. FUN
I thought I would show you my work table. I was at Office Depot the other day and found 5 of these cardboard divided display boxes. I have used them to organize my supply closet. I have another bookcase type cardboard display that just fits in my supply closet that I have been using for 30 years. I was very pleased with me. The table is from Southern Methodist University, one of the original library tables my husband got for pennies when he worked there. Smiles

I recieved my Bead Soup the other day My pardner is Norma Truvey of moonlightfantseas . She does the most incredible bead work. She sent me some of the most lovely lampwork beads Jullian Cannon and a vile of bead soup which had the smalest beads I have ever seen and glass work novelities. I do have a chalenge which I love.I never give up on a challenge smiles

I got a electronic piano keyboard at Christmas. I am determined to work as hard on my piano as I did on watercolor. So far I am doing very well I can play several pieces with both hands not well but passable. When I started watercolor painting my friend and I painted for several hours everyday Go to htpp://MagpieTreasureTrove.etsy.com to view some of the results of long and expensive hours of study. Be Blessed

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