Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting for thr Great Reveal

What can I say I have been eager to see what everyone has created. So I have been cooling my heels by experimenting with copper for my new shop.

Still biding my time you know “Time is too precious to kill” gospel according to Sandy> I had already made a turquoise stone from polymer clay for a sterling silver mounting that I found at a garage sale , sometime ago so on Sunday afternoon I put together a creation . There was a problem, the mounting had three bugle type thingies on the back. What to Do with that. ? I decided to drop chain thru them and attach little balls on them, Here is the results:

Still waiting for the revel: So I went into some polymer beads that I purchased at http://Brazosa Collections when my daughter worked there. I had a problem trying to decide whether to use silver ball beads or black I finally elected to use the black with silver separators. I am pleased with the results.

I am so eager to promote copper for jewelery that I decided to create a what I call African Safari, a bracelet starting with a heavy copper wire and slipped wooden and copper beads and copper elephant charms. One a focal, and three smaller ones. I secured the ends with the larger charm.

Still waiting and now I am so eager I am pacing>So I decided to do a little demonstration. I was a local craft store the other day an found a pendant of sorts and thought I can do that, Then I read Lori Anderson a saw her latest creation, where she used copper (Yea) with her focal. That brought to mind what I saw in the craft store. I decided to use my number 16 copper wire and a sharpie pen for the basic form. I put a short wire under the wire that I am winding around the pen. When I have sufficient wire around the pen .I slip the whole winding off careful not to lose the ends of the under wire. Then I drew that wire up close and formed a circle. Now I mashed the whole thing flat. When I had it just liked I wanted it I glued on a piece of fussed glass. I have not decided just how I will use this creation but it has kept my hands and mind busy

I had an awesome painting class on Friday. I think I had 30- 35. Everyone does something different and with a different media. I demonstrated yellow roses with oil paint first, then later I did a demo of yellow roses with watercolor. The watercolor was on a get well greeting card for a student who is having hip surgery tomorrow. So it wasn’t too involved. Anyway see ya soon on the GREAT REVEAL

Be Blessed.

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