Friday, June 3, 2011

Fairy Tale Bead Swap Blog- Hop

The reveal is here. I have to tell you this one has been a real challenge. Not because I didn’t have enough, but because I had soooo much. Stephanie Haussler of pixybug designs was my partner. She was so generous!

I tried many times to use all of the beads in one design but each one was a disappointment. She sent several color waves. She sent blue, pink, yellow amber, clear crystals, black, and green. Alas I gave up and made several different design. All were lampwork yummy. She sent a little lampwork gnome created by her husband Chris and two darling little frogs.

The main design is the three strand silver chain with the green lampwork beads. Add to that a green lampwork bead bracelet with dangles and a silver kitten in a circle.

Then there is the darling little frogs sitting on green river glass beads with dangles.

I used one of the gorgeous crystals in the pearl and black bracelet silver findings

This on I call circus because of the colors in the lampwork. Alternate beads are carnelian.

I decided to continue with the dangles. Shown here is the amber lampwork and crystals bracelet

Stephanie sent a large golden yellow quarts bead. I put it with copper as it had copper color veins in it. I used some of my free form copper links in the chain.

And there is more;

And there is more:

And there is still more:
Am I not the most blessed beadier alive?? Thanks Stephanie and Chris! Be Blessed
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Now Hop on over to Stephanie's blog and see what she did with my beads. Enjoy the hop!


  1. Goodness you were productive and all done so well. I know what you mean sometimes having too much is overwhelming . Great job.

  2. Totally awesome bead stash! A perfect rainbow palette for Sandy's Coloring Box! You had a very generous partner indeed. And I love all the different looks you achieved. Thanks for playing along!
    Enjoy the day, Sandy!

  3. Wow Mom! Great job and beautiful pieces. You are so right -- Stephanie was very generous. Most of us would kill* for a lampwork bead stash like that. Well, maybe not kill -- '*kiss' -- yea, that's it, we'd kiss for a stash like that. ;^)

    P.S. I fixed it

  4. Wow! You made an amazing amount of jewelry! wonderful pieces!

  5. You were a busy Lady. Love all the fun pieces you created from that awesome stash of beads.

  6. Oh my goodness! You could open a bead store with that stash! And I'm glad you didn't try to use everything at once. When faced with that many beads, the best thing to do is play with them for a while, separate them into colors, then mix them up, put things back, things like that. Don't feel like the beads control YOU, but you control the beads!

    You visited my blog page -- you saw how I mixed two sets from two people -- that happens from letting things simmer sometimes, and from having lots of things to choose from!

    And I am also so glad you took the time to make many things with all the goodies you got! Showed a lot of respect to the giver.

  7. Wow, what a collection and what creations, great job!

  8. That is quite an impressive collection. You did the generous bead supply justice.

  9. As others have said, wow!you had a very generous partner. It was great that you did make many items with the beads, Sandy.You certainly were busy.!
    I love the frog earrings and the 3 strand silver necklace and matching bracelet with the gorgeous soft green lamp work are both so lovely.

  10. Wow, what a very generous group of beads. I love all your pieces.

  11. Crikey, that's a lot of beads! Well done for trying to use all of it - you've created some beautiful pieces :)

  12. Wow! Amazing what you came up with...and still have so much more! I still have a lot left over from mine, too, that I plan on making earrings with. I love all your pieces :)

  13. Wow Sandi, you've made so much! Gorgeous. I love all the different colour schemes you've worked through, some beautiful jewellery here.

  14. Love the froggie earrings and your cool photo of them. You captured the magic in fairy tales there!

  15. Sandy, you sure received a wonderful group of beads from Stephanie. I have to say that sweet gnome is my absolute favorite in her stash. You were truly on a great creative streak - just love your creations.

  16. Beautiful creations! Silver chain with the green beads is my favourite:)

  17. Gorgeous creations and what a great soup!