Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crafty Summer Activites

I have been a busy little girl this week. Being closed in because of the heat I get antsy. smiles’ I was at a garage sale sometime ago and found a rather pretty watch. Cheap $.25 I put a new battery in it and low and behold it works. I have made a pledge to me not to buy anything from China, That makes it hard to buy jewelry findings. I go to resale shops that way the money I spend stays in the USA. I was at the local Goodwill, where I get discarded jewelry I found a necklace of beautiful glass beads and a gold chain. Every third Wednesday is half price day so I get the jewelry very reasonable. To make a long story short I married the two.

Since I love to make jewelry some of my students bring me their old cast off pieces. One brought me a broach. It is a gold feather. I had bought a bracelet in the craft section of Michael’s sometime age. I decided to decorate the craft bracelet with the broach. I laced the broach on the bracelet with brass wire. I then glued on a rather large rhinestone. I am pleased with the results.

My sister –in –love passed away in September. The girls are now faced with dividing up her treasures. Many years ago I had painted her a watercolor of girls and a mother in a field. Since I had already painted the older sister another one and the younger had already ask for a watercolor. That left the middle child without, since she had never ask for a painting I never gave her one. So the older sister ask me to do one for the middle child. I was happy to do one special for her.

Well I made my frst order on Ebay last week as I mentioned before. It came there was 5 pounds of beads and 24 watches. And I am soooo excited. It was chucked full of lampwork beads of all colors. I spent 2 days sorting them out into like colors. I cannot wait to PLAY.

Be Blessed to be a blessing

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