Friday, November 13, 2009


In all of my life I have loved Christmas. I love to decorate for Christmas. For the past few years I have made Christmas quilts. Here is 2009's Christmas.quilt.

I have been recovering from from a sprain for 2/12 mos. I got 4 quilts quilted and read 7 books. Now that I am going to have surgery I will need something to keep my mind and hands busy and off pain. I am planning 2010's quilt early yes. I have started over with this blog 45 times and every time I think I am going to conqure I lose everything and have to start over I have taken photos of the process that I go thru. but have been unable to get the blog process to co-operate so I will have to wait for Emanda to help me. Well what are lovely daughters for? If not to help their mothers .smiles

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  1. Hi Mom, I tried to edit your photo of your quilt, but it's TINY! Email me your raw pic from your camera and I'll fix it, I will! Love you.