Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Simply Blessed and Thankful

Simply stated, by grace, my life has been truly blessed. I am continually amazed when I think about it. As I look back over our lives we were blessed to have healthy children. My husband and I have had good health. Good health can not purchased no matter how much money you have.“Simple Abundance Sara Ban Breathnach. A gift from above.

My husband never was without a job. That is a praise in of it's self. We made the decision early in our marriage that I would stay at home with the children, Especially since he traveled from early Monday to late Friday. We gave up a lot of frills in order to do that. “Homemaking when done correctly can kill you “ Erma Bombeck. Smiles My grandmother use to say “We don't have any good house keepers anymore, they all died of hard work"

We love our little house where we have lived for 45 years. It is just a little house-house , it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer .We have never wanted to move up to bigger and bigger houses. We have been happy to just be.

I am so happy to see a beautiful sunset, to smell the freshness after a rain, or look at beautiful flower, I can not resist gathering leaves in the Fall. My favorite time of day is late afternoon when the shadows are long.
In our yard there are several weeds that are just beautiful and they are hardy. We let them grow at random and it is refreshing to look at. Kinda of a country garden. We have traveled some. When the children were young we went to Colorado nine years in succession.

We took the children and their grandmother to San Francisco. to visit another brother .

Later when my husband retired we traveled extensively with his brother. We went all over the southwest across the south and to the Bahamas, We went to Mexico several times.

We have enough to share. We look at each and grin and say “Aren't we blessed”! So looking back we are truly blessed, and truly Thankful

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