Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just Stuff

My double knee replacement surgeries are fast approaching. My husband and went to what the Orthopedic Specialist call JOINT CAMP on Thursday evening. They answered all our concerns. I know I must seem daft but I am eager to get on with it. I know that I am in for a world of hurt, but I am looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel. have endured this long enough. It was suggested not to wear gowns but P.J. I have been busy preparing outer wear suitable for Physical Therapy. Today I took inventory of the freezer, to make sure we have enough casseroles.
I have been planing art projects that I can do while recovering. I am not one to sit idle. My little great grand mother use to say “ Idle hands ore a devils workshop”. She came to live with us when my mother passed away when I was just 8 years 0f age. I can remember many of her colloquialisms. One that I live by is “Use what you have, wear it out, make it do, or do without” I worked on my little Christmas quilt as well. I embellishments to do as yet. Then I can begin the quilting process. I love hand quilting. I am not good at it but that is OK .My grand mother taught me to quilt when I was just a wee tot. As I grew up I was not impressed with quilting I thought it was just “Ho Hum” until Emanda took me to a major quilt show in Dallas Texas , was just over whelmed. at the imagination of the quilters. I was hooked. I never taught my daughter to quilt, she found that skill all on her own and she is awesome at it. I am so impressed with those who can make all the points match. I mostly make crazy quilts and cheater applique ( with wonder under) I like to embellish much ,much. My daughter says mamas favorite color is “Sparkle” and she is right I like beads and ribbon and lush fabrics. I am blessed with three friends who were decorators, who loaded me down with fabric samples so I did not go wanting with wonderful fabrics. At first I took the fabrics mostly because I was ignorant to the type of fabric that real quilters use, but I wanted it for my daughter. But she couldn't use so what was I to do but take up quilting. After I had gifted everyone with the larger pieces I started little projects and my daughter was good to help me with quilting techniques
Be blessed and remember “All our days come from the same Source”

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