Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Quilts (second time's a charm)

In all my days I have always loved Christmas. I love to decorate for Christmas. For about 10 years I have been making Christmas quilts. Here is 2008's Christmas quilt.

I am going to be sitting for several months with recovery from knee surgery, so I am into making 2010's , because I am going to want something to occupy my mind and hands since I just finished quilting this year’s. Early, I know, but I have been sitting for 2/12 months from a sprained knee. I Quilted 4 quilts already while recovering.

I have been working on my little 2010 quilt this week. I went to my sketchbook and took down my thoughts on secular Christmas images. Such as snowmen, Santa Claus’, Christmas trees , jack-in-the-box. I then thought what could I do to tie all different types of images altogether. I decided to use pin-dot fabric, in different colors.

I then went to the fabric store and purchased a navy blue pin dot for background fabric.

I have several colors of pin-dot in my stash. I chose dots because of snow. I thought I could make larger white dots for snow in the night scene. I also chose a multicolor funkie stripe fabric and the pin-dot fabric for the border. I decided to use the organizational principal of repetition in all the blocks and using the border fabric as accents in all the blocks.

Here are some images of the blocks.

Here's the Finished Top!


  1. Hey Mom, How'd I do? Check out my blog too.

  2. Simply fabulous! But I had to see it better, so after enlarging the picture, I magnified the page 200%. Much better now!